Smoky Skies

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While it's natural to feel uneasy when short-term risks such as wildfires or weak corporate earnings cast a shadow over the financial markets or local skylines, history reminds us that these risks will pass with time. Financial shocks are a natural part of being a long-term investor, which is why it is important to build a portfolio that prioritizes resiliency.

Runway to Retirement

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For many, the years leading up to retirement are a time of transition from the world of work to one of leisure and personal fulfillment. Carefully preparing can give you peace of mind, freeing your headspace for life’s more meaningful moments.

Duct Tape and Baling Wire

By |2023-09-08T15:33:56-07:00September 8th, 2023|

Transformation of industrial processes is key to slowing the growth and eventually decreasing the pace of carbon emissions. Space research has made contributions to development of measurement technologies that have allowed for innovation and improvement.

A Labor Day Break

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We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled reflection to begin our Labor Day weekend by closing laptops, turning off Zoom, and taking a moment to reflect on the hard work of our team. 

Space and Spinoff Innovation

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Like the first in a line of dominos, public investment in large-scale scientific endeavors can start a chain reaction of innovation that benefits economic growth and sustainable development in unforeseeable and beneficial ways.

Downgrade Déjà Vu

By |2023-08-21T09:24:21-07:00August 4th, 2023|

The recent US credit downgrade by Fitch Ratings is less about financial fundamentals, and more about political will and the process of level-headed governance.

Bending the Climate Curve

By |2023-08-04T13:56:10-07:00July 28th, 2023|

The road ahead for climate change and more extreme weather is one of acknowledging what’s happening and adapting our policies, our economy, and our day-to-day lives. We are experiencing very real change, and it is time to respond.

Predicting the Past

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Q2 2023 Market Commentary
The challenge of prediction is not in determining what will happen, but rather when it will happen.

School’s Out for Summer

By |2023-07-21T15:10:22-07:00June 9th, 2023|

As we move into summer, we recommend ignoring the short-term noise of Fed meetings and interest rates. Opting instead to embrace new routines, longer summer days, and a break from the school year, knowing that a portfolio with a long-term strategy will remain resilient through any ups and downs.

Engaging with Aging, Part I

By |2023-06-09T13:21:38-07:00June 2nd, 2023|

Gradual changes in our physical and mental abilities, coupled with changes to our social landscape, bring many to consider a more dramatic change: – should they move to a residential community that provides built-in care services and new social opportunities Or should they stay in their home?

Debt Ceiling Déjà Vu

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We recognize that the debt ceiling is a negotiation, and classic public negotiation tactics should be expected. While headlines can make it tough to find reasons to be optimistic, it’s helpful to look to the historical patterns of similar negotiations to put current events into context.