Moving From Innovation to Trust

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The stakeholder-centric lens is an important innovation to the capitalist structure. It is also an important counterpoint to the shareholder-centric profit concerns that dominate the early development stages of the technical innovations that drive economic growth.

Midterms and Markets

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While financial markets may breathe a sigh of relief following midterm election results, the present reality is that ongoing concerns about global recession, high inflation, and tighter central bank policies could limit the enthusiasm of any post-election rally.

The Role of Relief Rallies

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It is human nature to assume that a current trend will continue unimpeded and that equity prices will continue to fall without relief. Reality rarely unfolds in such straight lines.

The Essence of Elasticity

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Q3 2022 Market Commentary
The essence of elasticity is reversibility. While financial markets don't behave in such simplified ways, the same concept can be helpful to consider during periods of dramatic price appreciation or decline.

For Whom the Earnings Bell Tolls

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The question facing investors in the near term is how to interpret the interconnectedness of the broad economy when presented with quarterly earnings data from a single company.

Intentional Spending

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Instead of limiting ourselves with a budget, let’s express ourselves with a spending plan. When you have a spending plan aligned with your values, it’s easier to give yourself permission to enjoy the spending and invest in living.

Precarious Expectations

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Investors often expect the status quo to continue indefinitely but markets can change course rapidly. There are measurable benefits to balancing historically-rooted optimism and a timeframe that extends beyond the present moment.

Climate Inflation

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Climate change is upending our traditional theories of inflation. The consequences of extreme weather and a degrading environment are now being integrated into financial calculations and may continue to drive prices higher.

The Power of Being Known

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A client-advisor relationship can be much broader and richer than retirement calculations and investment strategies. Allowing an advisor to truly know you increases your trust and effectiveness in financial decision-making.

Power of Attorney: A Caretaking Role

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Being power of attorney for someone is a fiduciary responsibility, and it’s not one we should agree to lightly. We agree to serve because it means taking care of someone we love when they can no longer care for themselves.

A Recession by Any Other Name

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Although there’s confusion around the definition of a recession, it’s helpful to remember that periods of economic slowdown – whether they are officially deemed a recession or not – are a normal part of the economic cycle.

Mindful Finance

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Periodically taking time to review your financial situation can alleviate stress and give you a sense of control.

Double-Edged Dollar

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Similar to other assets, currency markets have cycles and are sensitive to the near and intermediate-term outlook for the global economy. As the US dollar gains strength on global markets the results of the appreciating currency remain complex.

Sharing the Power (of Attorney)

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Naming a good power of attorney and sharing your wishes, values, and financials with them will ease the transition into sharing control of critical aspects of your life and provide peace of mind.