2023 Community Engagement Report

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We experience the threads of community through our work with clients, interactions with people and local businesses, and partnerships with nonprofit organizations. Our Community Engagement Report explores how we strived to strengthen the fabric of our community in 2023.

A New Season Begins

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When building your portfolio and saving for retirement, hitting singles and doubles is the safer, lower-risk route. It's the singles and doubles that win the game. Home runs are exciting, but good defense and strong pitching carry teams deep into the post season.

Illuminating the Next Chapter

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In honor of our team member Ariana Alisjahbana welcoming her first child this week, we are rerunning an article from June 2022 that highlights financial considerations to keep in mind as you celebrate this next phase of life. Congratulations to Ariana and her growing family!  

Companies Get Their Quarterly Report Card

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Earnings reports include three key financial statements: the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement. When a company announces its quarterly results, investors immediately compare the actual results to what financial industry analysts had estimated.

Planning for College with 529s

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Even while tuition bills seem far off in the future, 529 plans can be a powerful tool which can help parents establish the habit of saving early and ease some of the financial and psychological stress that can arise as college enrollment approaches.

Defying Expectations, Shifting Narratives

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The strong rally over the final two months of 2023 has led to the question of whether potential 2024 price gains may have been pulled forward. To some extent, we would say yes. Stock valuations aren’t unreasonable given where interest rates are, but they are pricing in a strong probability of several interest rate cuts in 2024.

What We Can Learn From the Price of Cardboard

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History indicates that when cardboard prices jump higher, the economy is revving up. Some analysts have said that it is too soon to tell whether price increases will persist or if they are a one-time adjustment in a retail market still reeling from the unique circumstances of the pandemic.

Charlie Munger: Lessons from Warren Buffett’s Right Hand Man

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Charlie Munger was an inspiration to countless investors - including members of our team here at North Berkeley. His emphasis on acquiring a diverse range of mental models, understanding the fundamental nature of business, and maintaining a long-term perspective has become gospel for many in the financial world. Rest in Peace Charlie Munger.

Powered By the Sun

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Taking steps to develop independence from the power grid saves energy and money and can also bring you peace of mind. Whether you are ready to make the change to solar energy or just beginning to explore your options, we can help you understand your financial landscape and provide support as you engage with experts to assess your personal situation.

Creating Impact Through Client Portfolios

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Over the last decade, social and environmental issues have joined governance as top issues on annual shareholder ballots, reflecting both investor and popular concerns. We summarize a few ways in which investors are catalyzing conversations with corporate management

Markets Take the Long View

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Prices have remained relatively stable over the past few weeks, and investors are closely watching the headlines from the Fed regarding US interest rate policy as well as further developments in the Middle East.  

Getting Ahead of Year-End Planning

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As the holiday season shifts into full swing, now is a good time to begin looking at your upcoming expenses ahead of end-of-year financial planning, along with fine-tuning your annual budget as you prepare for the coming new year.

Charitable Gifting in a Volatile World

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Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are powerful tools for charitable giving and legacy planning. They help with organizing a giving strategy, allow for potential asset growth, benefit yearly tax planning, and help mitigate gains from appreciated stock.

The Reality of a ‘Soft Landing’

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Q3 2023 Market Commentary
With the economy remaining stronger than expected and the Fed signaling one more rate hike in 2023, investors are being forced to recalibrate their expectations for both stock and bond valuations.

Smoky Skies

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While it's natural to feel uneasy when short-term risks such as wildfires or weak corporate earnings cast a shadow over the financial markets or local skylines, history reminds us that these risks will pass with time. Financial shocks are a natural part of being a long-term investor, which is why it is important to build a portfolio that prioritizes resiliency.