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Investment Management Approach

Since each financial situation is unique – created by a complex set of individual personality traits, short- and long-term goals, aspirations, and tolerance to uncertainty – we do a lot of listening before we make any investment decisions. A large part of our job is to articulate a client’s situation to ensure they are on a sustainable path. Only after we understand the whole person and their financial picture, do we move forward with building a portfolio.

Philosophy and Approach

Our core philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that being invested in well-managed companies held for the long term is the best way to build wealth.  Regular and customized rebalancing ensures that we can add to stock positions when they are “on sale” and take gains when valuations and prices rise significantly. This systematic approach allows us to stay disciplined through unexpected economic events as well as the regular ups and downs of the market cycle.

We apply a blend of passive and active investments to create diversified portfolios for our clients that promote growth and provide downside protection. Our portfolios are designed to protect liquidity needs in the short-term, while growing assets to increase financial security and legacy over the long-term.

Values-based Investing

We are a skilled and trusted resource on impact investing. We work with our clients to construct portfolios that not only obtain targeted returns but also align with their personal values and guide them through financial-decision making that has a positive impact for them and their community. Our approach considers the social, environmental, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria of investments alongside returns. We also have a carbon-conscious portfolio that seeks to divest from the extraction of fossil fuels.

More about Impact Investing

Regular Reporting

We report to our clients on investment performance every quarter, and periodically report to clients their three-year trailing portfolio performance, as well as their performance during their entire history with the firm. We always report this performance to clients net of our fees, so clients know how they are doing after all the costs of portfolio management and financial planning have been paid.

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