Community Engagement at North Berkeley Wealth

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Our newly released 2019 Community Engagement Report shares highlights of the many ways we make contributions through our giving program. Read the reports for highlights of the organizations with which we shared our financial and human resources.

Invest in Living – Invest in Community

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Your time is valuable, and your life choices are worth determining on your own. It is important to understand the "costs" of work so you can better balance the financial "net" you get with your personal satisfaction in the job.

B Corp Social

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Meet and connect with fellow B Corps at North Berkeley Investment Partners! All Bs (or friends of Bs!) are welcome to attend and network at our office. We also encourage anyone interested in learning more about B Corps to join us.

Bike to Work Day 2018

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Bike to work day is on May 10. Pump up those tires, put on your helmet and ride on over. Visit our Energizer Station to get your free Bike to Work Day bag.