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Invest in Living. Invest with Impact.

Many clients gain a sense of accomplishment and alignment with a personal decision to construct a portfolio that reflects their core values. Whatever your interests and concerns, we can guide you to make a positive impact with your investing.

The North Berkeley Approach to Impact Investing

Impact investing encompasses a wide range of decisions about how your investment assets have an impact in the world. Variously called socially responsible investing, sustainable investing, ESG (environmental, social governance) investing, the fundamental intent is to align investment decisions with the interests of multiple stakeholders – not only shareholders.

Like all our investment offerings, we research and evaluate many factors before funds are incorporated into our portfolio models. We seek opportunities that provide our clients with investment choices that are both value-based and sustainable. 

How You Can Have an Impact

  • Use your existing stock ownership to participate in shareholder activism
  • Use high impact, less liquid investments
  • Screen out specific sectors or products such as fossil-fuels or weapons
  • Invest in sectors with positive impact such as renewable energy
  • Consider the management structure of a company on issues such as executive pay, board participation, and transparent accounting
  • Favor companies with good environmental impact performance records
  • Look for companies that foster positive social impact in community development, diversity, and equal pay

Investment Benefits of ESG Portfolio Strategies

  • ESG factors have a positive correlation to performance
  • Promotes sustainable business practices that help mitigate risk
  • Greater transparency instills shareholder confidence
  • Focus on long-term goals, not quarterly profits

Companies that practice good governance and consider the interests of a wide range of stakeholders will tend to deliver superior long-term shareholder value as well.

North Berkeley Impact Investment Choices

ESG Integration

For clients who are interested in ESG considerations, we offer a portfolio that has a mandate to include social and environmental criteria, and at the same time seek to maintain balanced exposure across economic sectors

Carbon Conscious

For clients who have a special emphasis on climate change and environmental concerns, we also offer a portfolio that explicitly excludes any company that has carbon resources in the ground – whether coal, oil, or natural gas.  This leads to an overall portfolio that is less balanced across sectors, but more focused on companies with a neutral or positive impact on the environment.

Impact Investments

In addition to our ESG and Carbon Conscious choices, we offer access to specific illiquid investments that can have higher impact and complement your core portfolio. These investments range from renewable energy, lending into low income communities, creating healthy soil through organic farm conversion, and support for international communities building economic stability with positive social and environmental impact.

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