Our History


The North Berkeley Wealth Management Story

A Family Background

Founding Partner Kate Campbell King grew up in the financial planning industry. Her mother, Jan Campbell, was a financial planner and her first and most influential mentor. Her mother’s tutelage and Kate’s natural affinity for both people and numbers made her transition from cultural anthropology an easy, if not obvious, career transition.

Kate worked as CFO and then as President of an independent securities brokerage. This role provided experience working with financial advisors on succession issues and shaped Kate’s thinking about the independent firm she wanted to create. She later founded North Berkeley as a generational firm emphasizing the continuity of experience for clients, colleagues, and communities. Continuity meant forging relationships and growing a team that would last beyond her tenure.

Continuity: A Firm to Serve Generations

The firm began with the intention to serve clients over generations. After several years as a sole proprietor, a chance meeting between Kate and Sue Reinhold at a local fundraiser led to the creation of North Berkeley Investment Partners in 2005. Sue brought additional investment and business management experience to the team of five. Together they transformed the firm into a business built for continuity and meant to last. 

In the ensuing years, that capacity for continuity has supported the overall growth and resilience of the team, comfortably handling Sue’s departure in 2016 and the subsequent promotions of Brian Kozel and Sam Wood-Bednarz to partners of the firm. Using their individual talents and a commitment to collaboration, Kate, Brian, and Sam continue to deepen our technical capabilities, mentor our growing advisor team, and foster an exceptional client experience.

A talented team supports the leadership. Each client works with a team of advisors who provide integrated planning guidance, portfolio management, and strategic advice on financial issues in their life. An operations and administrative team support the advisors to provide a seamless client experience. Together, our team of professionals delivers a wealth management experience that is thoughtful, deliberately paced, understandable, and creates an actionable path for clients. Part of what continues to make us effective is our emphasis on continuity and stability, both in client portfolios and client relationships.

North Berkeley Wealth Management Today

In 2020 we changed our name to North Berkeley Wealth Management to better convey our breadth of services. It’s a new name with the same dedication to relationships, continuity, and service.

Over time, the North Berkeley team has organically grown alongside our clientele and has deepened our relationships with local professionals and community organizations. We have a diverse and knowledgeable team of advisors ready to help clients on their financial journey. Our mission remains simple: to create a sense of calm, so our clients approach financial decisions with confidence. We seek to contribute to our entire community and enliven it with collaboration and stewardship.

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