Our History


The North Berkeley Wealth Management Story

A Family Background

Founding partner Kate Campbell King has a family history of providing comprehensive personal financial planning services: her mother, Jan Campbell, was her first and most comprehensive mentor. A natural affinity for both people and work with numbers made her transition from the fascinating field of academic cultural anthropology an easy if not obvious career transition in the early 1990s.

Kate’s financial advisory practice developed in parallel with her work as CFO and then as President of a local independent securities brokerage. This latter role provided experience consulting with other independent planners on succession in their businesses. Through that, Kate developed a strong conviction that continuity of experience for clients, and continuity of career for the team she was beginning to build, were crucial in truly providing significant and reliable value over time.

Intentional Beginnings

Kate’s determination to find good professional partners has paid off in numerous ways to ensure long-term continuity for clients and for our team.

After ten years as a sole proprietor in her client business, a chance meeting at a local fundraiser with Sue Reinhold led to the creation of North Berkeley Investment Partners, LLC in 2005.  Sue was the ideal business partner to move the then team of four forward into a long-term business structure. Kate and Sue’s common commitment to cautious growth investment strategies, ethical investing, independence, and transparency guided their joint leadership of the firm.

In 2011, third partner Brian Kozel joined the firm. Over the years since then, five other advisors have come on board, expanding our capacity and deepening our capabilities as a collaborative advisor team for clients. Today, every client works with a team of two or three advisors who provide integrated planning guidance, portfolio management, and strategic advice on financial issues in their life.

Our purpose as a firm is to provide a wealth management experience that is thoughtful, deliberately-paced, understandable, and creates an actionable path for clients. Part of what makes us effective in doing so is our emphasis on continuity and stability, both in client portfolios and in client relationships.

Continuity remains a strong commitment at North Berkeley Wealth Management, and a key component of continuity is managing the change that comes to all our lives. We manage change for our clients, and we manage change for ourselves as well. Sue left the firm in 2016 to follow her growing passion for nonprofit-based investment management in the local Jewish community and remains a valued colleague and mentor for the team.

Continuity: A Firm to Serve Generations

Over time, the team of advisors at North Berkeley has organically grown alongside our clientele and has also deepened and relationships with local professionals and community organizations.

Kate now acts as Chief Investment Officer and Senior Advisor to clients in collaboration with other members of the team. Brian works closely with Kate on investment policy for the firm’s clients, in addition to managing the development of the firm’s advisor team, and leading relationships with clients.

Kate and Brian work closely with lead advisors Sam Wood-Bednarz and Sarah Green, who direct our efforts in financial planning and impact investing respectively. Deliberate collaboration supports our client relationships, as well as our internal efforts to provide effective delivery of thoughtful and comprehensive guidance for all our clients.

2020: North Berkeley Wealth Management Today

A new name – the same dedication to service.

Our mission remains simple: to create a sense of calm so our clients approach financial decisions with confidence. We seek to contribute to our entire community and enliven it with collaboration and stewardship.

Elemental Beauty

April - June 2021
Explore the mesmerizing work of Richmond-based artist, Stephen Bruce who uses a variety of acids to paint on metal surfaces. Join us for a virtual artist reception on April 29.