Nonprofit Investment Management

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Management of Nonprofit Investment Reserves

North Berkeley Wealth Management brings years of dedication and experience to our work with mission-driven organizations. Our goal is to strengthen organizations by providing financial clarity and stability through the proper management of their reserves.

Our nonprofit investment management solutions are designed for steady long-term growth paired with downside protection. Portfolios are constructed based on the specific needs of each organization, to align your mission with the impact investment choices that may be appropriate for your portfolio.

Guidance and Accountability

We understand the financial challenges faced by nonprofits and provide guidance that promotes the long-term well-being of your organization. By creating an investment framework, we can build accountability within your leadership team, now and into the future.

Agreed Upon Investment Strategies

Our work together starts with an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which acts as a mutually agreed-upon strategy that is aligned to your organization’s mission. It clearly states your organization’s investment goals, risk tolerances, and time horizons. As the organization’s needs and goals evolve, our strategies will respond.

Our services include

  • Value-oriented, diversified portfolios designed for steady long-term growth with downside protection
  • Tailored portfolio construction to align your organization’s investments with your investment policy
  • Specialization in ESG investing with carbon conscious and impact investment options available for organizations concerned about alignment with progressive social and environmental goals.
  • Stock donation assistance to allow your organization to accept in-kind donations
  • Strategies based on risk, time horizons, and organizational values to establish and maintain strategic alignment of your investments
  • Periodic reviews and quarterly reporting to Board or Investment Committee to ensure all stakeholders are properly informed

Asset Management Fees

Assets Under ManagementAnnual Fee
Up to $3,000,0000.85%
Next $2 million0.50%
Above $5 million0.35%

Active Nonprofit Participation

We are not only experts in helping nonprofits with financial matters, we also participate on nonprofit boards and committees. Our extensive experience guiding small businesses, both for-profit and nonprofit, provides contextual support to the more narrow area of financial and investment decision making. We believe that the experience gained from sitting on boards, working with community partners, and volunteering is invaluable in providing perspective into financial sustainability. Commitment to supporting nonprofit organizations written into our DNA as a certified B Corp.

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