Selected works by Larraine Seiden, Lisa McCutcheon, and Karen Gallagher Iverson

November 1, 2018 – January 11, 2019
Somewhere between our senses and physical reality our feelings, memories, and perceptions work to derive meaning from the world. Larraine Seiden, Lisa McCutcheon, and Karen Gallagher Iverson explore the layers of meaning between us and the world through profoundly personal art. Each uses refined and multi-disciplinary techniques to examine not only what they see, but also the intangibles of life, be that the vulnerability of chickens, the chaos of contemporary life, or the feeling of place in a landscape.

We are pleased to welcome these three talented Bay Area artists to our office gallery. Please visit anytime Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to experience their unique work.

For pricing inquiries please contact James Wilson at james@northberkeleyinvestment.com.

About the Artists

Larraine Seiden

Larraine Seiden uses the language of textile arts to witness the everyday. Her work comes directly out of the chaos of contemporary life–in the found spaces between juggling young children, teaching jobs, stacked chores, and an iPhone. Larraine’s practice is her meditation, through which she seesk moments of transcendence against the intense chatter of this moment.

For more information and to see additional work from Larraine Seiden, visit larraineseiden.com »


Lisa McCutcheon

Lisa McCutcheon draws on her immediate environment and then attempts to tease out larger themes and narratives. Lisa’s most recent work draws on her fascination and anxiety with the chickens she has been raising and seeks to convey their beauty, graceful movements and strict social hierarchy as well as their aggression and vulnerability to predatory harm. Her interest lies not in making imagery that is easily discernible for she is committed to adhering to abstraction along this narrative process. Indeed, it is an ongoing pursuit to create imagery that straddles this line between extremes: sinewy yet diaphanous, representational in moments yet ambiguous in others, painterly yet with mark-making that adheres to drawing. She is interested in the tension of balancing in this place.

For more information and to see additional work from Lisa McCutcheon, visit lisamccutcheon.com »


Karen Gallagher Iverson

Karen Gallagher Iverson is a NY native currently living and maintaining her studio in Oakland, CA. An experimental printmaker disassembling the traditional format of printmaking, she curiously investigates her view of the world through image making, materials and processes while feeding a passion for innovation and scholarly exploration.

For more information about Karen Gallagher Iverson, visit gallagheriverson.com »

Exhibit Highlights