Patterns of Nature

Selected Works by Francesca Saveri and Nancy Hartley

July 10 – September 30
Something joyous happens when viewing the work of Francesca Saveri and Nancy Hartley. You experience a ‘bright moment’, a jolt of energy that originated deep in the artists, then flowed through their hands as they transferred pigments onto medium. What we receive in their bold colors and abstracted shapes is the energy captured when the natural world is translated into something personal and filled with emotion.

We are pleased to welcome these two talented Bay Area artists to our office gallery.

About the Artists


About Francesca Saveri

Francesca Saveri’s work is deeply influenced by her lifelong practices of music, writing and movement. A former teacher, she treasures the process of growth and learning through exploration, risk taking, and collaboration. With a mixture of a little magic, humor and the belief that anything is possible, she realizes her creative visions through a variety of mediums.

A curious adventurer, she spends time each year in Salvador, Brazil where the Baiano culture orients her to new propositions in expressive constructions and reveals interior landscapes for her to explore. This confluence of Brazil and California has led her to create large encaustic paintings with strong color and organic mark making.

Francesca has exhibited in galleries and art fairs throughout the United States. At the 2016 Spectrum Art Fair in Indian Wells, she was a spotlight artist, featured in Spectrum marketing and participated in an artist panel. Her piece Drifting Landforms was recently awarded “Best in Show” by Susan Snyder in the 2016 “Aqua” show at Gallery Route One in Mill Valley. In December 2016, she exhibited with Studio 26 Gallery of NYC in the Satellite Art Show at Art Basel Miami.

Francesca holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Education from CSUH and a BFA from UC Berkeley. She has shown extensively in the Bay Area as well as New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.

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About Nancy Hartley

Growing up in an artistic, and creative family, in the East Bay hills, Nancy Hartley was exposed to many museums, and art galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a 4th generation native, Nancy was lucky to have grandparents, and extended family, close by, who encouraged art education and fostered creative exploration.

While a young student, Nancy took classes at the Richmond Art Center. Later, in high school, she attended the Saturday, and summer life drawing, and painting classes, at The California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland CA. Nancy went graduated from San Jose State University, with a B.A. in painting. Following graduation, she was accepted to the M.F.A. program at San Jose State University.

After many enjoyable years, spent in a sales career in the corporate world, Nancy returned to her first love, creating art. Living with my husband, Brian, and feline, Claudia, she spends many hours happily painting away!

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