A case study of a complex family estate

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 from 12 – 2p.m.
North Berkeley Offices
1820 Solano Avenue, Berkeley
Lunch will be provided


Presented by
S. Katherine Campbell, CFP®, Partner, North Berkeley Investment Partners and Susan von Herrmann, Partner, Perkins Coie

Join us for a unique and interactive discussion of personal, estate and tax planning with a complex client case study. We strive to create an integrated experience for the clients we share with other professionals. Every case is different, and yet every case yields insights that apply to other situations. This case highlights the process of selecting estate planning strategies for a client with significant net worth ($35M), challenges encountered putting elements of the plan into place, as well as positive and negative outcomes.

Highlights from the Case Study

This client’s husband died young, at 58, from brain cancer. Two months later, the company he had helped build went public, and suddenly she was very wealthy. Over the course of the eighteen years following until she passed away in 2016, we worked with her to help her understand her portfolio, deal with concentrated stock, learn to become a philanthropist on her own terms, gradually teach her only son to handle money more effectively, use lifetime transfers in various forms to reduce estate tax and support her son’s later effectiveness in handling his inheritance, and put into place the mechanisms for her full legacy as her own cancer spread.

There were phases to the work, and many different elements in the estate that were introduced at different moments, to address different client needs:

• Family structure & relationships – siblings, child, grandchildren
• Concentration in single stock
• Charitable planning during life and after death
• Use of entities and discounting, in both liquid securities and investment real estate
• Use of a variety of legal structures: CRUTs, QPRTs, CRATs, IDGT, GRATs

Our goal for this session is to tee up conversation among local professionals seeking to improve our collaboration on behalf of our clients, to promote networking among professionals who already do or in the future may work together, and generally learn from one another’s experiences.