North Berkeley Wealth Management is excited to announce the addition of two new advisors to our team! Joining us are Carmetta Joyner and Krystal Fortner, CFP®.


Carmetta Joyner - AdvisorCarmetta Joyner joins our team as an Associate Advisor, working in coordination with Lead Advisors to provide a personalized client experience. We value her analytical approach and dedication to client relationships. Carmetta joined the financial advisory profession to be a resource for underserved communities and to empower people to take control of their financial journeys.

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Krystal Fortner, CFPKrystal Fortner, CFP®  joins the North Berkeley team as a Lead Advisor, providing clients with comprehensive financial planning and investment management. She uses a holistic approach to help clients articulate their personal and financial goals and designs customized plans to achieve them. With a background in social work, we know Krystal’s unique skills and sensitive approach will be valuable assets to our team, clients, and community.

Please join us in welcoming Carmetta and Krystal to the North Berkeley Team!