A Partner in Your Financial Life

When founding partners Kate Campbell King and Sue Reinhold first created their new firm, they were committed to a different client experience than what was commonly available with large, impersonal financial institutions. They provided clients with comprehensive investment management and financial planning with a focus on relationships and impact. They were trusted partners in people’s financial lives. Hence the name they chose, North Berkeley Investment Partners.

Building on a Vision

Over the past 15 years, our firm has built on our original commitments and partnered with hundreds of individuals, families, and nonprofits in developing unique and sustainable financial realities. Under the leadership of current partners Kate Campbell King and Brian Kozel, we have matured as a firm, providing a greater depth of service to meet the complex needs of our clients. Everything we do is in service of one simple mission: to create a sense of calm, so our clients approach financial decisions with confidence.

Continuity: A Firm to Serve Generations

A financial firm needs to think long-term. It is not enough to provide excellent service to our clients today. We must ensure that we can provide our expertise for generations to come. Continuity of service and the understanding that comes from fostering long-term relationships is good for our clients, our team, and our community.

Planning for the future of our firm means having the right team in place, the ability to expand and adapt our knowledge, and building our clientele to include more people who can benefit from our approach. The ability to grow requires a name and a message that accurately conveys the people and experiences that make up our firm.

What’s in a Name?

The funny thing is the name North Berkeley Investment Partners has always caused confusion. Especially after we opened our additional street-level space in our building at Solano and Colusa in 2014, people would wander in and ask, what did we actually do? Over time we realized we need to be more specific with our wording.

In looking at our brand, our history, and our desire to be a sustainable firm, we decided that the name North Berkeley Wealth Management better represents what we do for our clients. It indicates the continued importance of place for us and our primary role in people’s financial lives.

Although our name is changing, we are the same group of dedicated people, led by the vision and principles of our founders, ready to embrace the upcoming chapters in our story.

We invite you to explore our updated website to learn more about us and our services. If you have specific questions about your financial situation, please be in touch.

Signing off as North Berkeley Investment Partners and signing on as North Berkeley Wealth Management.