Building the Soil; Building Community

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Whether we are baking our own bread, growing our own food, or dusting off old family recipes, our relationship with food is evolving. Community Supported Agriculture is getting more attention than ever as their network of customers and partners expands.

Reading the Oil Leaves

By |2020-10-20T15:13:51-07:00April 24th, 2020|

Oil prices took center stage with prices hitting an all-time low. What could a post-oil future look like? In Friday Reflections we consider whether there might be a silver lining in today’s topsy-turvy market.

One Step Forward

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Are we out of the woods yet? While we remain thoroughly optimistic about the longer term, we continue to counsel patience and careful and incremental action in portfolios as the markets are likely to remain volatile.

Living the Dream?

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Our daily routines and rituals are a reflection of how we are learning to cope. We consider how daily routines and respecting boundaries help us find a sense of normalcy in a world that is out of balance.

The Many-Minded Market

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Q1 2020 Market Commentary
Our world is moving at breakneck speed as we ramp up the production of essential items, medical equipment, and vaccines to tackle the current health crisis. The financial markets fluctuate like a roller-coaster in time with the news cycle as they try to respond to each new development.

Giving in the Time of Coronavirus

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During times of crisis, there is an innately universal desire to help others in ways both big and small. This week’s Monday Moments looks at options for giving back in your community and offers thoughts on how you too can make a difference.

A Trillion Here, a Trillion There

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We reflect on being strengthened as a community as we reach out to support others. This week, we share our insight into what a $2.1 trillion stimulus package will do to support our economy and this collective moment in time.

Business Resilience

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The coronavirus outbreak has caused everyone to reflect on how they navigate daily life, including business operations. Like many people, we are taking extra precautions with hygiene at our offices, and trying to learn new habits to greet friends and clients.

The Impact of the Coronavirus

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Q1 2020 - Mid-quarter Commentary
The Coronavirus leads most news headlines with effects spreading across the globe. Partners Kate Campbell King, CFP® and Brian Kozel, CFP® sat down to discuss the current state of the financial markets and how a sudden and unexpected risk is reflected in our investment strategies.