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Friday Reflections
Investment commentary that focuses on the week’s financial news

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Deeper dives into planning topics from retirement to buying solar.

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We host regular community events, including art receptions

Team News

A New Season Begins

When building your portfolio and saving for retirement, hitting singles and doubles is the safer, lower-risk route. It's the singles and doubles that win the game. Home runs are exciting, but good defense and strong pitching carry teams deep into the post season.

The Coming Smorgasbord of Climate Disclosure

Over the past two decades, national commitments at global climate conferences and an array of new regulations have pushed companies to measure and publicly share information about the environmental impact of their operations.

Bearing Witness

January - April 2024
This is a satellite show of Art of the African Diaspora which presents the work of emerging and established African American artists and, in the process, builds a creative community of artists and art lovers.