Sam Wood-Bednarz is Now a Partner with North Berkeley Wealth

Please join us in congratulating Sam Wood-Bednarz, CFP® on his new role as Partner at North Berkeley Wealth Management. 

Sam joined the North Berkeley team as a Client Associate in 2013 and currently holds the roles of Lead Advisor and Director of Financial Planning. He provides clients with a sense of confidence and security in their financial lives and supports their decision-making along the way. As partner and lead advisor Brian Kozel puts it, “From the day Sam arrived at North Berkeley, he has shown unwavering dedication to our clients and a knack for consistently improving our analytical tools.”

As our firm has grown and evolved, Sam has used his talent for process development to improve our firm’s financial planning practices. His work has strengthened our clients’ experience and the effectiveness of our advisory team. As a partner, Sam becomes part of the leadership team, building and guiding the firm into the future. Brian says of Sam, “his long-term thinking and calm counsel are a valuable asset to our clients and our firm, and we are excited for the future with Sam as a Partner!”

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