North Berkeley Investment Partners is excited to announce the addition of two new advisors to our team! Joining us are lead advisor, Sarah Green, CFP® and associate advisor, Jena Regan, CFP®.

Sarah Green has been in financial advisory services for 18 years. Prior to joining North Berkeley, she was the founder and principal manager of an independent RIA. A proponent of sustainable and responsible investments, Sarah deeply believes that we can protect the earth and its resources while harnessing the power of economic progress. In her time outside of work, she spends weekends with her family enjoying the outdoors and connecting with nature. A favorite local spot is Flowerland where Sarah can wander through the plants and flowers finding inspiration for her garden.

Jena Regan’s path to North Berkeley includes co-founding a yoga studio in San Francisco. While there, she was inspired to transition to a career as a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) from her work navigating cash flow planning and financial strategies for her business. After an exploratory CFP® course at UCB extension, she was hooked!

Jena is motivated by the opportunity to provide clarity to clients and provide them with tools to make sound financial decisions. As the mother of two young girls, Jena devotes much of her time outside of work to her family. The local Albany Berkeley Softball League plays a big role for her as both girls play softball and her husband is currently the commissioner of the league. A favorite activity in North Berkeley includes a hike up Indian Rock followed by a favorite meal at Fatapple’s!

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Please join us in welcoming Jena and Sarah to the North Berkeley Team!